Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Gettin Our Kicks On Route 66 (adjacent)

After a fantastic time in Seattle for Joe's college class reunion, and an equally fun visit to LA for work (both too short to see everyone we would have liked to), Joe and I have filed for our marriage licence and taken our Element on a celebratory drive across the States back to NY. I-40 is the Route 66 when you don't want to stop at every Navaho themed nick-nack shop along the way. With the help of new David Sedaris CD set, a few great mixes from Shannon and a cooler full of fruit and water we made our way across the Mojave, thru the forests of Flagstaff and in to Albequerque, where we stayed at a charming compound of Adobe Casitas. Day two we are crossing NV and TX and heading to Price Tower on OK. It's one of only two high rises built by Frank Lloyd Wright. Joe seems determined to do all the driving, which is fine with me. He's making great time too!

I've been posting constantly to my Facebook along this trip. Hoping to have a fun record of my view from the passenger seat as America speeds by at 90 miles an hour. Still getting used to the freedom the new iPhone gives me. Now I'm giving blogging from the road a try. Suddenly we've gone from sun to clouds as far as the eye can see. Reminds me that we are hoping to avoid any crazy weather resulting from Gustov's advance on Nola.better snap somemore shots for the record.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Jackson Heights Gay Pride - Queens in Queens

We decided to start the Pride season by hopping the train to Jackson Heights for their gay pride celebration (which is held in conjunction with a International festival - bringing all the local communities together. That means lots of great food! Jackson Heights is a burb in Queens that's known for it's gay community and it's amazing Indian food. It was great. And the Drag Queen and Transgender community was out in full force as well. It was a small town event with a really diverse group of supporters. And state Representative Weiner showed up too! Yes...Gays love Weiner. I'm not making it up. And best of all - our new favorite funny little band that visited us on Bike Fetish Day (see previous post) was there too:

nope, that's not Joe! That's the dancer from the traveling band...

...that's Joe!

It was all Alexa's idea. Thx Alexa!

Check the background behind the ladies.

Bright Magnets sold at the International festival. Tons and tons of these things. I get the feeling that in some cultures, a fully decorated fridge is a sign of prosperity....or fertility....or something that involves having too many magnets that look like miniature food. I don't get it, but they were pretty! The whole event made us so excited for all the fun new things we are going to experience here this summer!
Our place rocks!

It's not just big windows filled with flowering trees, or the incredibly close proximity to everything we love to do and places we love to go to, then there's this:

We had a Bicycle Fetish Day right outside our window! Bikes, hipsters, crazy volunteer performance-art bands, funny bike-tricks and grilled hamburgers. We climbed out the window onto the fire escape and watched the festivities.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring Outside Our Window

Spring has spring right outside or window. For the last few weeks the trees that fill our view have been in full bloom with delicate white flowers. When the sun hits them, it's like a bird filled cloud. Slowly the pedals are dropping, turning tiny lime green leaves. Not a bad view from the office, as it were.

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Antezanas come to NYC

In a great turn of fortune, our good friend Kerry was sent to NY this last week by her work.  Fortunately, her husband Luis was able to join her for the weekend.  And they were brave enough to stay with us in our little NY apartment and it couldn't have been more fantastic.  We had such a great time; Lu took us on a historic tour of Manhattan's financial district (George Washington was ALL over that place).  We even had a drink at "Fraunces" a cute little pub at the bottom of Manhattan where George gave his farewell address (judging by the stiff pours of their drinks, I'm guessing his address was a bit slurred). The four of us spent Sunday running around Soho with our friend Alexa, and then mixed it up again for dinner at Snack:Taverna with our friend Holly!  And topped the whole thing off with cupcakes from Magnolia! YUM! A fun weekend that ended far too soon.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Joe Turns 37

This weekend was Joe's 37th birthday so we had threw a little shindig to celebrate - complete with Cake...delicious Red Velvet Cake from Cheeks!~

Some of our best friends came: Jocelyn, Andi, John, Holly...

James, Brian, Birthday boy Joe, Marco...

Adorable Art-Maven, Jocelyn gets in the party spirit!

Co-hostess Holly K helped make the party a success (thx!)

Andi serves up the amazing cake ("one for you, a finger full for me...")

(things you learn after the fact...1) your singing is loudest on the camera, because you are closest to the microphone. 2) if you are GOING to sing, then pay attention to the song and not to everything else or you sound like a drunkard who can't carry a tune! LOL)

Post cake confetti explosion. Blinking Coosh balls, squishy boobs and party favors litter the scene.
Pictured: RJ, Alexa, James, Evan, Marco, and Andi (fg).

John'n Christin represnt'n for Brooklyn. Word.

Party Spokesmodel, Coulis, displays the latest in squishy dangly boob-jobs (thx to the miracle of novelty rubber boobs).

Birthday boy struts is stuff - this ass ain't a day over 30, baby! LOL.

Needless to say, we made a HUGE mess, and had just as much fun. Thx to everyone for coming over and helping to make this a fun and memorable party! XO