Sunday, April 30, 2006

Blaze and goings on.

All this week I've been thinking about Blaze. Don't know why. For those of you who had the pleasure of knowing him, he was, after my parents, on of the most influential and supportive people in my life. Really helped me focus on Illustration as my career. He was that way with everyone who had the fortune of knowing him. Anwyay, I ran across this piece (a large chalk piece about 2.5'x3.5') and thought I'd post it. Been a thousand years since I've considered it. Think I may post some of his poetry in the future.

For those who are keeping up, Joe is out of town in Alfred NY with Jenny Hyde, a fantastic artist (who excels at painting as well as her electronic media art). He's helping her get ready for her Masters show. It's a great opportunity for them to share art and time together. Me...just making Pooh and working on a few things that I'll post on my Art Site . Check it out.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Boy, I love New York

It's probably best to start this blog by telling you how much we dislike LA, and how much we really feel at home in NY. Hence, pictures from our most recent trip to see off our good friend Anna as she marries a lovely Scottsman named Daniel. As usual, NY was like going home for both Joe and I. What a comfortable, wonderful, beautiful place.

Along the way we caught up with one of the competing cupcake companies in the company. Excellent. We made it our mission to have cupcakes wherever we found them.

Of course, we had to eat at our favorite place; Cafe Gitane', where Joe found a salad that perfectly matched his outfit. See. Meant to live there.

The wedding was lovely. A simple affair with family members from both countries attending at the Courthouse (there's a lot of paperwork involved in marrying a Scottsman!).

Afterwards, we were stuffed full of food at several different wonderful events held throughout the day (one of which was a group coffee at the aforementioned Cafe Gitane'.

Following all that, I went on a street-Art walk thru Brooklyn.

Boy, I love NY.