Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Halloween!

A pic I drew just for this Halloween!
Here's wishing everyone some messy pumpkin carving, monsterous scares, a great time partying, an exceptional hangover, many embarassing cell phone pictures and movies (dumped to U-tube) and a slew of gossipy whispers this All Hallows Eve. I know I'll be wearing sequined hotpants this year. Hope you will too.

I predict this years WeHo outfit of the moment will be Madonna (in purple leotard) with a black baby-doll. I'm also betting on seeing a Senator Foly or two, and maybe a Courtney Love looking for handouts.

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bikini Whacks!

Last night Joe and I hit the Silverlake cabaret scene at a cute little showspace in the basement of a horrible Mexican Restaurant (though the full bar makes it all worth while). Mr. Dan, local promoter (and my favorite Drag personality; Gina Lotrimin), puts on amazing shows here, and we really need to remember to get out there more often. This time around, it was Nadja Ginsburg heading up a revue with special guests Mario Diaz and Robbie D (all on MySpace for those who want to check in with the hipsters) and a really great magician too. Nadia performed hilarious stand-up/monologues in various characters. Robbie D offered up mesmerizing performaces of several songs, and the magician was a riot. Aftewards we met some of the Nadja posse - all really lovely people. A great night. Check out the Cavern Club offerings here:

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Joe mounts the bedroom lights

These photos were actually taken in order to sell the 2 extra lamps we have on Craigslist. They are gorgeous lamps each consisting of 8 pieces of handmade glass. They cast a really great light, especially when mounted on the brick-work grey felt walls and next to the white leather Cali-King (below in the photo is a little side table by Martin & Carter with some groovy Jonathan Adler pieces arranged to help sell the lights. Later, when it's is actually done I'll post some pics of the finished room. But for now, enjoy this moment of design zen. (Joe is really good at this stuff!)

Friday, August 25, 2006

The Happiest Place on Earth


Alright, I've been slow in the posting as I"ve been sans camera. Let's see: Alex, the oldest Neice has been staying with us as she interned at a big LA talent agency. She had a great summer, made some fantatstic contacts, learned alot, and lived in a tent in our living room for 2 months. But now it's time to send her home to college, so for our last horrah, we decided to try out my SilverPass (which get me free parking, free admission for all of us and mucho discounts) at Disneyland.

It was sweet.

Now I don't have pix of the Pirates ride, but the additions and tweaks were good, if not misguided. They should have just made a second, adult, Pirate ride. That said...what they did, they did well.

Do I smell Pooh?

Alright. Pooh, though aptly named didn't stink THAT much. Even so. I wasn't about to let him eat my Ice Cream Sandwich!

It's a Small World After All

Joe and Alex really aligned their Aura's with the spirit and energy of Mary Blair (look her up), who designed the "It's a small world" ride. As if to prove the point, the family in front of us was Muslim. I wonder how they reacted to the..."simplistic" representation of their culture (ahh, they fared better than the Egyptians, who were represented by a white woman who's look was not unlike Elizebeth Taylor in Cleopatra).

We also road the Tea Cup - and Joe kicked ass on this one! Go Joe Go! (click to ride the Tea Cup with us!)

We ended the night with an awesome tour down the Bear/wolf canyon whatever-the-hell river raft ride. FARRRRRRR splashhier than we were led to believe. We rode with a fun group of kids who knew every bend in the "river". Made the ride even more fun (though their little bodies hardly sheilded us from any of the water - note to self: next time ride with fatter kids).

...I think I just drank the koolaid.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

San Diego for C4

A town filled with a million comic nerds, and I skip the whole thing. The San Diego Comic Con is the event of the year for my professional peers. And who doesn't like people dressed up as Klingons and Superman the biggest no holds-barred contest of geekyness held in the world? Me, actually. I drove to SD to see my best friend Chuck Drost, his lovely wife Sara, and their fabulous self claimed nephew C4, aka Char (as in Charosaur)
or, more formally Charles Edward Drost IV. C4.

My niece Alex is staying with us for the summer (where have the days gone) as she interns at a talent agency. She is currently sleeping in a tent in the living room as we are drywalling and painting the entire space (more on that later). It looks great so far, but we are all getting a little crazy from the chaos. So we took off for SD, where we took in the 100% humidity, 100 degree heat and the SD zoo, did a bit of productive shopping and most importantly, hung with our best friends, who were staying with Chuck's awesome sister and honey Jennine and Matt! It was a great time that ended in Indian food.

As for getting to meet C4; well it was long overdue and he is more wonderful than you can imagine.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Blaze High: With fond memories

Joe and I are in the process of cleaning up the house (redoing the floors, finishing the walls, etc). Lots of work to do. Oddly, I've been thinking about Blaze too (see previous post on Blaze). Joe is the best, since the beginning has been so understanding and supportive of my relationship with Blaze and my friend Shawn, and my need to keep them around me. So today, (which since I'm doing this after midnight, is actually yesterday) June 26th, Blaze's birthday (what would have been his 46th) and coincedentally the day he died (on his 30th birthday), I would like to honor him with a post of one of his many poems.

Moving Back To You
I dream or you,
into the dark of blue night.
I dream and move,
I dream and move.
I just move back to you.

And in moving back to you,
my mind plays tricks
and even though our time
is through,
and I dream of you-
into the dark of blue night.
I just move back to you.

Behind that mirage,
I'm not left...
behind that shroud,
I hear us talk,
but not out loud.
When I'm alone,
there's nothing left
to do,
but move back to you
in greywater blue.
I hear us talk,
but not out loud.

And in moving back toyou,
I leave my heartbeak
in a gentle place-
so I won't be reminded of
what losing can do...
And in moving back to you,
your eyes welcome me,
like when our eyes first met,
with no debt.
Knowing what to remember,
I cannot forget,
moving back to you,
when I dream of you,
onto the dark of blue night.

© William Blaze High 1989

Monday, June 26, 2006

The funny thing about my job... that I get to make Joe do all sorts of silly things. Like this:

I can't wait for the release of Pirates of the Carribean 2!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Because you demanded it...

Or, maybe because I felt I hadn't addressed it yet...what I've been up to. Well, if you stop by my other blog (which is all about my professional life): CLICK HERE you can see art from Tigger and Pooh, which I will update as I finish boards (expect a new post soon!) as well as Advertisement work and a few other things. When I'm not working at Disney, I'm working on the house with Joe (we are in the middle of the floors this week - which are turning out great...they are going to be charcoal! Very dark and sexy!), as we get ready for my niece Alex's 2 month visit. While here, she'll be interning at a Marketing agency, learning the ropes of the biz, and hopefully getting a tan. I'm also working on my own projects which (all of which are in continuous development) I have to really buckle down on. The latest Project to emerge from the Selfish Children thinktank is this one: (I'm only showing it to you because you are my friends) CRITTERKNITTER!

This is a rough little sketch for you to check out. I've got more, but this is just a sneak peak. It's about a girl who is a knitting freak, an outcast in school who takes out her creative urges with a magical pair of needles. With these she knits little creatures who become her friends and help her get thru her daily routine as she navigates the strange mysteries of her very unusual school (a place where the x-files would have attended classes as kids).

With her 2 best friends, a latina Goth computer chick with a fake leg and a lanky graphite artist who's perhaps sniffed a few too many fumes, they try to unravel the mysteries of their school, life and puberty.
knittercritters, critterknitters and these images and concepts ©kirk van wormer and selfish children productions

*Oh, even though I said this post would be about me,...Joe has great news (which I'll follow up on next post). He's currently designing a house addition for a client. It's very cool for him. He's been making foamcore mockups like a real architect. His ideas are fantastic and I really hope it all goes thru. What a feather in his cap!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Joe is back and he Dogs are Happy

Alright, I have to start by stating that I have 1) made restitution (ie: changed Mia's dress color) for misrepresentation of events in my last post. Also, Joe wants it stated that, for the record, he did not cry. 2) The tape measure was not, in fact, Louis Vitton, but was lovely and was a gift from our friend Holly. 3) We did not end up having to pay for the window ourselves (thx Kathy!). 4) I think I'm going to stop letting Joe read my posts. He takes all the fun out of embellishing the stories!

Now on to the pix:

Joe delivered the pups to his mother, and she was kind enough to send us photos back. As you can see, the pups, Katie (standing) and Kyle (lounging on the knee) are already at home in the new digs. Kyle looks spent after such a long drive.



Here's Joe's Mom in the kitchen. She's quite the cook. Cook Mom, Cook!

She even sent us pix of dinner! Mmmmmm. Steak and Mushrooms. Or is that Katie and Kyles dinner. She better not spoil them.

That's it for now! Everybodies home, in their respective houses & happy. And somebody got steak! All is well with the world.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I've been holding off posting because Joe is off on a road trip. I figured I'd wait until he returned and post with pix from his adventure. However, there's been a snag in this plan.

Let me start from the beginning. Joe took off last week in the new car (a lovely grey Element) with 2 dogs bound for his mother's house in Olympia, WA. They had a lovely time at a beachside Dog-hotel in San Francisco, where the lady-dog rolled in a dead bird. Joe attended a design show, then headed north leaving the Dogs with his mom. Next stop..Seattle to see old friends. All was going according to plan, when Joe and Mia spent the day at the Japanese Gardens. Upon returning to the Element, they found the window had been bashed in, and the camera, and his prized Louis Vitton measuring tape (a gift from a client) had been stolen. Fortunately no other damage was done, but the loss of $500.00 camera, and the fact that we had to pay for the window as well didn't exactly make either of us happy. So, since there are no pictures to be had, I have posted this artist rendering of events as I imagine them instead. Hopefully, he'll make it home in the next day or so without any more incedents (the car is being repaired as we speak).

As for me...I spent the week sick with a hideous head and chest cold, so I've got nothing to report. And sometimes, no news is good news.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Joe's first Building...the "Casita" come to life

First photos of the first "building" that is being built from Joe's designs. I put "building" in quotes because the structure is officially a temporary shelter, or something like that. But basically, it's a garage and laundry area with a great, simple design. And interestingly set windows along the sides. They call it..."the Casita". More pics as it nears completion.

Joe is back from Alfred

Joe is back from Alfred where he helped his friend Jenny set up for her Master's show (see previous post). Took some great photos of the rural landscape, so I thought I'd post a few.

Needless to say, he had a great time and is further inspired to get on the good foot to the East Coast. More on that later.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Blaze and goings on.

All this week I've been thinking about Blaze. Don't know why. For those of you who had the pleasure of knowing him, he was, after my parents, on of the most influential and supportive people in my life. Really helped me focus on Illustration as my career. He was that way with everyone who had the fortune of knowing him. Anwyay, I ran across this piece (a large chalk piece about 2.5'x3.5') and thought I'd post it. Been a thousand years since I've considered it. Think I may post some of his poetry in the future.

For those who are keeping up, Joe is out of town in Alfred NY with Jenny Hyde, a fantastic artist (who excels at painting as well as her electronic media art). He's helping her get ready for her Masters show. It's a great opportunity for them to share art and time together. Me...just making Pooh and working on a few things that I'll post on my Art Site . Check it out.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Boy, I love New York

It's probably best to start this blog by telling you how much we dislike LA, and how much we really feel at home in NY. Hence, pictures from our most recent trip to see off our good friend Anna as she marries a lovely Scottsman named Daniel. As usual, NY was like going home for both Joe and I. What a comfortable, wonderful, beautiful place.

Along the way we caught up with one of the competing cupcake companies in the company. Excellent. We made it our mission to have cupcakes wherever we found them.

Of course, we had to eat at our favorite place; Cafe Gitane', where Joe found a salad that perfectly matched his outfit. See. Meant to live there.

The wedding was lovely. A simple affair with family members from both countries attending at the Courthouse (there's a lot of paperwork involved in marrying a Scottsman!).

Afterwards, we were stuffed full of food at several different wonderful events held throughout the day (one of which was a group coffee at the aforementioned Cafe Gitane'.

Following all that, I went on a street-Art walk thru Brooklyn.

Boy, I love NY.