Monday, July 30, 2007

Moving on Up....

I have a confession. That last post was neglecting one little piece of information: we were in New York for me to interview with Blue Sky Animation (the makers of such great animated films as Ice Age and the up coming Horton Hears a Who) and check out our future apartment (yes, the one shown below with Joe trying to figure out how to arrange our furniture in it). Now I can tell everyone that we are, in fact, moving to New York! It's quite crazy, really. We have to give notice, well, basically by Wednesday and then start the packing, crating and preparation process for the move. I think both our brains are about to explode. So much to consider. So little time. We will officially be New York residents September 1! Making us an official Halloween destination (you have not done Halloween until you've done it in New York!).

We are certainly going to miss some special people we have met here. That's the hardest part of going. I couldn't ask for a better boss and friend in Dave Hartman. Every day working with him was a treat. And Joe so values his relationship with Kathy. Like I said, there are some amazing people here. But we're looking forward to seeing old friends in New York, working on new art, and really trying something new.

Our New Home (top floor)

Our New View (top notch!)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Humid days in New York

Guess who took a quick trip to NYC for the weekend? FUN FUN FUN! That said, the weather was hot and extremely humid. I found I could survive it.

Our first night in we met our friend Alexa (from previous posts) and her new "friend" from Italy, Marco (along with a few of his fantastic friends). Dinner at DuMont in Brooklyn (the same place we had the wedding party dinner for Anna's wedding). Great food. We followed it up with an evening of Dancing to bad music at a crappy bar down the street...and had loads of fun!

Next day was Lunch at Cafe Gitane' with Heather (one of our Hosts for the trip)...

..followed by a visit to our potential landing pad in the Wall street area. Joe sat around and tried to figure out the space while I took in the frightening idea of living in under 800 square feet (basically a large studio). Oh my. What are we thinking?

We met up with Jenny, Joe's best friend in NY (and another of our Hosts) for dinner and the evening.

The next day was my time to explore and Joe's to catch up on some client shopping. We ended the day with dinner at Diner in Brooklyn, and hopped a plane for home the next day. A whirlwind trip with some great friends!