Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Halloween!

A pic I drew just for this Halloween!
Here's wishing everyone some messy pumpkin carving, monsterous scares, a great time partying, an exceptional hangover, many embarassing cell phone pictures and movies (dumped to U-tube) and a slew of gossipy whispers this All Hallows Eve. I know I'll be wearing sequined hotpants this year. Hope you will too.

I predict this years WeHo outfit of the moment will be Madonna (in purple leotard) with a black baby-doll. I'm also betting on seeing a Senator Foly or two, and maybe a Courtney Love looking for handouts.

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bikini Whacks!

Last night Joe and I hit the Silverlake cabaret scene at a cute little showspace in the basement of a horrible Mexican Restaurant (though the full bar makes it all worth while). Mr. Dan, local promoter (and my favorite Drag personality; Gina Lotrimin), puts on amazing shows here, and we really need to remember to get out there more often. This time around, it was Nadja Ginsburg heading up a revue with special guests Mario Diaz and Robbie D (all on MySpace for those who want to check in with the hipsters) and a really great magician too. Nadia performed hilarious stand-up/monologues in various characters. Robbie D offered up mesmerizing performaces of several songs, and the magician was a riot. Aftewards we met some of the Nadja posse - all really lovely people. A great night. Check out the Cavern Club offerings here: