Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mardi Gras - New Orleans 2007 - Night 1

It's all about the beads...
Mardi Gras with good friends in New Orleans. It's an opportunity we couldn't say no to. Or friends are renting a place on the edge of the French Quarter within walking distance of everything. A big, lovely place. So of course we'll take them up on the offer to come and stay with them!

1st night in, barely off the plane and Cheech has us out at our first Parade. And it is one of the best: Endymion. It's cold, so we bundle up and head out. We stop at the liquor store (is there any other kind of store here?) and buy some REALLY overpriced Korbel, pop the corks and watch the parade. Before you know it, we've got Bead-Fever, and we're screaming and yelling for whatever the masked krewe will bless us with. (Somehow Styx and Journey where featured guests!). It's a crazy fun drunken free-for-all. Thank goodness for Joe's Monkey-arms...they come in great for catching!

Like the classy drunks we are, we stumbled home with our empty Champagne bottles...and somehow, Joe and I stumbled back out again til 5am. Everyone is nothing if not social here. The bars stop serving just about long enough to clear away the puke and urine, and start serving the breakfast Beer. Ohhhh...the hangovers.

More to come...hic

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