Saturday, June 02, 2007

9 years ago...

Alright, so this post is a few weeks behind. But the facts are still the same. On the weekend in question Joe and I attacked the front "yard" (read: dead ghetto grass) and with the help of 2 great Guatamalen brothers took our front yard from ugly, to nearly lovely. (We still have a few things left to do - including adding some crushed rock to the front of the yard, a few more bags of beauty bark and then to paint and plant the front planter). Still, it brings a nice feeling of pride to see the yard look nice and to be able to take care of such great plants.

Fortunately for us we received some of the major plants from a friend who had pulled them up out of her yard. That provided us the basis for our garden, and the impetus to get to planting. We planted some big spikey guys, some pampas grass, iris, blue fescue and even some succulent starts from our neighbor next door.

9 years ago that very weekend my father passed away. All my life he and my mother spent the weekends working in the yard. They always had an amazing flower garden wherever we lived.

It seemed like the perfect way to celebrate my father.

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