Monday, August 27, 2007

Our "See you soon" BBQ

Some very wonderful friends of ours got together and threw us a Moving Away BBQ (we are not allowed to say good bye). It was fantastic! Cheech made some fabulous bean - homemade - that were sweet and syrupy, and everyone ate tons of food and even more desert. Ki & Phi and Candy all worked hard too - making a mass of good food. and are the best friends to fellas on the run can ask for. Mikey, and big Mike and Jen and Sandy with her daughter, Mika and Kathy all made the evening so special.

We played a funny game and ate burgers (thx Mikey for grilling!). Homemade cupcakes, rice crispy treats and best of all, an amazing creation called a Peach Skillet Cake. The cake part was moist and sweet, like a bread pudding, and the peaches were caramelized and divine. We ended the evening with a moonlit swim! Now THAT's a send off. We are going to miss everyone!

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