Friday, November 16, 2007

Hipster Housewarming!

We are having a Housewarming Party the weekend after Thanksgiving. Barring an attack of hipsters from the neighborhood, it should be a nice, low-key affair. It's a potluck, so hopefully we'll get enough left over Turkey to fill a bathtub (I'll eat my way to the bottom....mmmmmmmm.....turkey). I'm inviting all our local friends and a bunch of people from my work. If they don't come, well then I can't say I haven't tried! I work with some really great people, but it's hard to get to know them when we're all on constant deadlines. And as for our local friends, I'm not sure how many will be around, but they really all should get to know each other! They are all so great! This is what I'm calling a Phase 1 party, sort of a pre-decorating event. Then, once we get the curtains, and paint up, we'll have a post decorating party (a Drapewarming, perhaps). I'm not sure what drinks to make, (will it be cold enough for hot toddies????that would be fabulous!) but there are sure to be Shu-Mai! Come by and bring a casserole! Pix to follow!

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