Monday, March 17, 2008

The Antezanas come to NYC

In a great turn of fortune, our good friend Kerry was sent to NY this last week by her work.  Fortunately, her husband Luis was able to join her for the weekend.  And they were brave enough to stay with us in our little NY apartment and it couldn't have been more fantastic.  We had such a great time; Lu took us on a historic tour of Manhattan's financial district (George Washington was ALL over that place).  We even had a drink at "Fraunces" a cute little pub at the bottom of Manhattan where George gave his farewell address (judging by the stiff pours of their drinks, I'm guessing his address was a bit slurred). The four of us spent Sunday running around Soho with our friend Alexa, and then mixed it up again for dinner at Snack:Taverna with our friend Holly!  And topped the whole thing off with cupcakes from Magnolia! YUM! A fun weekend that ended far too soon.

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