Friday, August 25, 2006

The Happiest Place on Earth


Alright, I've been slow in the posting as I"ve been sans camera. Let's see: Alex, the oldest Neice has been staying with us as she interned at a big LA talent agency. She had a great summer, made some fantatstic contacts, learned alot, and lived in a tent in our living room for 2 months. But now it's time to send her home to college, so for our last horrah, we decided to try out my SilverPass (which get me free parking, free admission for all of us and mucho discounts) at Disneyland.

It was sweet.

Now I don't have pix of the Pirates ride, but the additions and tweaks were good, if not misguided. They should have just made a second, adult, Pirate ride. That said...what they did, they did well.

Do I smell Pooh?

Alright. Pooh, though aptly named didn't stink THAT much. Even so. I wasn't about to let him eat my Ice Cream Sandwich!

It's a Small World After All

Joe and Alex really aligned their Aura's with the spirit and energy of Mary Blair (look her up), who designed the "It's a small world" ride. As if to prove the point, the family in front of us was Muslim. I wonder how they reacted to the..."simplistic" representation of their culture (ahh, they fared better than the Egyptians, who were represented by a white woman who's look was not unlike Elizebeth Taylor in Cleopatra).

We also road the Tea Cup - and Joe kicked ass on this one! Go Joe Go! (click to ride the Tea Cup with us!)

We ended the night with an awesome tour down the Bear/wolf canyon whatever-the-hell river raft ride. FARRRRRRR splashhier than we were led to believe. We rode with a fun group of kids who knew every bend in the "river". Made the ride even more fun (though their little bodies hardly sheilded us from any of the water - note to self: next time ride with fatter kids).

...I think I just drank the koolaid.

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