Tuesday, August 01, 2006

San Diego for C4

A town filled with a million comic nerds, and I skip the whole thing. The San Diego Comic Con is the event of the year for my professional peers. And who doesn't like people dressed up as Klingons and Superman the biggest no holds-barred contest of geekyness held in the world? Me, actually. I drove to SD to see my best friend Chuck Drost, his lovely wife Sara, and their fabulous baby...my self claimed nephew C4, aka Char (as in Charosaur)
or, more formally Charles Edward Drost IV. C4.

My niece Alex is staying with us for the summer (where have the days gone) as she interns at a talent agency. She is currently sleeping in a tent in the living room as we are drywalling and painting the entire space (more on that later). It looks great so far, but we are all getting a little crazy from the chaos. So we took off for SD, where we took in the 100% humidity, 100 degree heat and the SD zoo, did a bit of productive shopping and most importantly, hung with our best friends, who were staying with Chuck's awesome sister and honey Jennine and Matt! It was a great time that ended in Indian food.

As for getting to meet C4; well it was long overdue and he is more wonderful than you can imagine.

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