Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas in Twin Falls

Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother's house we go...
This Christmas we decided to really pull out all the stops and, courtesy of Kirk's mom, Collene, the entire family made the trek from around the country to Twin Falls to celebrate Grandma Virginia's 89th birthday (and Christmas) (one of the most loving, giving and openly sweet Grandmas ever made. But she's not taking any chances:)

With protection squarely placed on the fridge, and a home decorated with my grandfather's incredible welded sculptures we congregated for some gift giving, reminiscing and song (see previous post).

Kirk and Brynn Share a scarfelupegus moment. (Grandma and Grandpa's Idaho landscape looks on in the background).

Braeden's matching winter set - courtesy of Canal street, NYC.

Collene's Finger Puppet Show!  "Show me on the Reindeer where Santa placed his package."

Alex brought her better half, Brandon! (or is it Branden).  Anyway - it was great to meet him!  What a sweet guy!  What a great match.

Brynn attempted to ruin every picture with her "facebook" pose.  Good thing she's cute!  Rich...well...good thing he's talented!  LOL

The crazy fam 2007:
We took Grandma down to the college to see Grandpa's magnificent welded sculpture "Born Free" which fly's over the courtyard of the campus.

We all got together with my cousin Rondi and her family at Red Lion Inn for a big Birthday dinner for Grandma.  Unfortunately, the lighting and my crappy camera meant that most of the pictures came out blurry. ( I need a new SLR  digital camera. Santa, add it to the list!)

Merry Christmas and Happy 89th Birthday Grandma!

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