Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Getting Creative with the Christmas Cookies

It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas...
So we thought we should make some festive cookies!

Jocelyn and Alexa help us give these Christmas cookies the artistic flair they deserve!  

with dough from "milk and cookies", my special frosting and the considerable talents of the ladies at hand, we were certain to produce some incredible cookies!...

It's time to play Name that cookie:

...alright, so maybe there was something in the frosting, or maybe it was the wine, but the cookies took a "dark", surreal turn; lincoln with a candy cane on his forehead, ponies with bleeding bottoms, bloody axes, hammers and saws, suicides, eggs, broken hearts...less Cookies of Christmas past and more Cookies of Christmas' stress yet to come.  

Satisfied with our "artist accomplishments", we sacked out to bask in our own creative gory...I mean glory.

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