Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Jackson Heights Gay Pride - Queens in Queens

We decided to start the Pride season by hopping the train to Jackson Heights for their gay pride celebration (which is held in conjunction with a International festival - bringing all the local communities together. That means lots of great food! Jackson Heights is a burb in Queens that's known for it's gay community and it's amazing Indian food. It was great. And the Drag Queen and Transgender community was out in full force as well. It was a small town event with a really diverse group of supporters. And state Representative Weiner showed up too! Yes...Gays love Weiner. I'm not making it up. And best of all - our new favorite funny little band that visited us on Bike Fetish Day (see previous post) was there too:

nope, that's not Joe! That's the dancer from the traveling band...

...that's Joe!

It was all Alexa's idea. Thx Alexa!

Check the background behind the ladies.

Bright Magnets sold at the International festival. Tons and tons of these things. I get the feeling that in some cultures, a fully decorated fridge is a sign of prosperity....or fertility....or something that involves having too many magnets that look like miniature food. I don't get it, but they were pretty! The whole event made us so excited for all the fun new things we are going to experience here this summer!

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