Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Gettin Our Kicks On Route 66 (adjacent)

After a fantastic time in Seattle for Joe's college class reunion, and an equally fun visit to LA for work (both too short to see everyone we would have liked to), Joe and I have filed for our marriage licence and taken our Element on a celebratory drive across the States back to NY. I-40 is the Route 66 when you don't want to stop at every Navaho themed nick-nack shop along the way. With the help of new David Sedaris CD set, a few great mixes from Shannon and a cooler full of fruit and water we made our way across the Mojave, thru the forests of Flagstaff and in to Albequerque, where we stayed at a charming compound of Adobe Casitas. Day two we are crossing NV and TX and heading to Price Tower on OK. It's one of only two high rises built by Frank Lloyd Wright. Joe seems determined to do all the driving, which is fine with me. He's making great time too!

I've been posting constantly to my Facebook along this trip. Hoping to have a fun record of my view from the passenger seat as America speeds by at 90 miles an hour. Still getting used to the freedom the new iPhone gives me. Now I'm giving blogging from the road a try. Suddenly we've gone from sun to clouds as far as the eye can see. Reminds me that we are hoping to avoid any crazy weather resulting from Gustov's advance on Nola.better snap somemore shots for the record.

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