Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Because you demanded it...

Or, maybe because I felt I hadn't addressed it yet...what I've been up to. Well, if you stop by my other blog (which is all about my professional life): CLICK HERE you can see art from Tigger and Pooh, which I will update as I finish boards (expect a new post soon!) as well as Advertisement work and a few other things. When I'm not working at Disney, I'm working on the house with Joe (we are in the middle of the floors this week - which are turning out great...they are going to be charcoal! Very dark and sexy!), as we get ready for my niece Alex's 2 month visit. While here, she'll be interning at a Marketing agency, learning the ropes of the biz, and hopefully getting a tan. I'm also working on my own projects which (all of which are in continuous development) I have to really buckle down on. The latest Project to emerge from the Selfish Children thinktank is this one: (I'm only showing it to you because you are my friends) CRITTERKNITTER!

This is a rough little sketch for you to check out. I've got more, but this is just a sneak peak. It's about a girl who is a knitting freak, an outcast in school who takes out her creative urges with a magical pair of needles. With these she knits little creatures who become her friends and help her get thru her daily routine as she navigates the strange mysteries of her very unusual school (a place where the x-files would have attended classes as kids).

With her 2 best friends, a latina Goth computer chick with a fake leg and a lanky graphite artist who's perhaps sniffed a few too many fumes, they try to unravel the mysteries of their school, life and puberty.
knittercritters, critterknitters and these images and concepts ©kirk van wormer and selfish children productions

*Oh, even though I said this post would be about me,...Joe has great news (which I'll follow up on next post). He's currently designing a house addition for a client. It's very cool for him. He's been making foamcore mockups like a real architect. His ideas are fantastic and I really hope it all goes thru. What a feather in his cap!

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