Friday, June 09, 2006

Joe is back and he Dogs are Happy

Alright, I have to start by stating that I have 1) made restitution (ie: changed Mia's dress color) for misrepresentation of events in my last post. Also, Joe wants it stated that, for the record, he did not cry. 2) The tape measure was not, in fact, Louis Vitton, but was lovely and was a gift from our friend Holly. 3) We did not end up having to pay for the window ourselves (thx Kathy!). 4) I think I'm going to stop letting Joe read my posts. He takes all the fun out of embellishing the stories!

Now on to the pix:

Joe delivered the pups to his mother, and she was kind enough to send us photos back. As you can see, the pups, Katie (standing) and Kyle (lounging on the knee) are already at home in the new digs. Kyle looks spent after such a long drive.



Here's Joe's Mom in the kitchen. She's quite the cook. Cook Mom, Cook!

She even sent us pix of dinner! Mmmmmm. Steak and Mushrooms. Or is that Katie and Kyles dinner. She better not spoil them.

That's it for now! Everybodies home, in their respective houses & happy. And somebody got steak! All is well with the world.

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