Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I've been holding off posting because Joe is off on a road trip. I figured I'd wait until he returned and post with pix from his adventure. However, there's been a snag in this plan.

Let me start from the beginning. Joe took off last week in the new car (a lovely grey Element) with 2 dogs bound for his mother's house in Olympia, WA. They had a lovely time at a beachside Dog-hotel in San Francisco, where the lady-dog rolled in a dead bird. Joe attended a design show, then headed north leaving the Dogs with his mom. Next stop..Seattle to see old friends. All was going according to plan, when Joe and Mia spent the day at the Japanese Gardens. Upon returning to the Element, they found the window had been bashed in, and the camera, and his prized Louis Vitton measuring tape (a gift from a client) had been stolen. Fortunately no other damage was done, but the loss of $500.00 camera, and the fact that we had to pay for the window as well didn't exactly make either of us happy. So, since there are no pictures to be had, I have posted this artist rendering of events as I imagine them instead. Hopefully, he'll make it home in the next day or so without any more incedents (the car is being repaired as we speak).

As for me...I spent the week sick with a hideous head and chest cold, so I've got nothing to report. And sometimes, no news is good news.

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